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    "Portrait Photography from the finest"

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                             MAY 2011              


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photos from "Fashion Industry Mixer"


Celebrating contemporary art in Calgary


New show opening January 10, 2011

was cancelled after car accident and broken art work.

But this was the . . . show at the same time:


Get some prints after the show, cost $90.00 incl delivery in Calgary, out of town plus handling and sending.




New show opening November 4th, 2010

at The Triangle Gallery

The Studio Art Sale Opening Party: Thursday, November 4th from 7 pm -11 pm


Hi art lovers, I mean life lovers, I mean friends


Hi friends:


I like to invite you to:

The Studio Art Sale Opening Party: Thursday, November 4th from 7 pm –11 pm

At the Triangle Gallery, Suite 104, 800 Macleod Trail S.E. (adjacent to the Municipal Building)

Com out and enjoy different medias, also you can see my new original acrylics painting:

“The horizon is read”


“Behind the Wave”


Hope to see you





Come out and see and enjoy the movement in the art.

Also, the
movement in the art works, works. Perfect, every day a different
Opening Party is tomorrow: Thursday, November 4th from 7 pm to
11 pm.

The show will run at the Triangle Gallery from November 4th -
November 9th







                       under remolding,, new opening very soon,

                               sorry for any inconvenience

                                 new opening very soon.


     running till November 18, 2010/ please call 403 450 0995 for appointment

                              Alberta 100


                     here from the "la confidential show"  click


                              Special  (suite of 2)

                                                   "Gold Nugget"

                             and more


                originals - photographs - digital artwork


                                                                       photographs and digital artwork with Epson K3 Pigment Prints


              Original random photography by Janok




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